Ethel’s Village

Ethel’s Village is the support system we have established for children attending Ethel Phillips Elementary School, a Title 1 school in South Sacramento. We adopted Ethel Phillips Elementary in 2012, and we’ve provided enrichment programs to the school ever since.

Ethel’s Village Programs

Here are some examples of how we have helped the school:

Books, books, books

New books for all kindergartens to take home. Through our “Lunch Libraries” we have given away over 1,000 books.

Math, math, math

  • Provided food and volunteers for family math and science nights.
  • Provided math games with instructions for teachers.
  • Participated in math interventions and purchased a schoolwide virtual math program for online school during Covid.
Group of students and teachers gathered around a classroom table, smiling and in the middle of a discussion.
Collage of images of thank you notes and cards with children's artwork. The largest image includes a sign that says, "Thank you, Soroptimist Santas!"


  • Raised funds with students and families to send all 6th graders to Science Camp.
  • Purchased FOSS kits for science classes and supporting an after school science club. One of our club members volunteered in a 4th grade classroom to support the FOSS curriculum.

The Arts

  • Held after school art club.
  • Provided B Street live theater performances.


Provided career speaker assemblies for 5th and 6th graders with a wide array of speakers from pilots to chefs to engineers to police and fire.

The Pandemic Did Not Stop Us!

The COVID pandemic (between 2020 and 2022) made school and education challenging for students, parents and educators alike. During that time our funds were focused on providing direct services to students and their families who were struggling with economic challenges. We also funded on-line math and reading tutoring programs. We were so excited to resume in-person enrichment programs when it became safe to do so.


  • Provided supplies for drive-by Kindergarten and 7th grade Covid graduations and volunteered in the festivities.
  • Worked with the community to secure virtual reading tutoring.
  • Provided summer school motivational materials.
  • Provided gift certificates for school families in need during pandemic.
  • Purchased a refrigerator for the teachers’ room.
A young girl standing in front of an elementary school, wearing a black t-shirt, denim jean shorts, and sneakers, and holding a certificate in her hand.
Various young students and adults sitting a different tables in a cafeteria together, working on different creative projects. The girl in the foreground has her back turned to the camera, is wearing a plaid backpack, and is sitting by herself, playing with various plastic shapes.
A group of white goodie bags on the floor filled with an assortment of items, including colorful plush teddy bears wearing graduation caps and snacks.