About Us

We are an engaged, talented, and enthusiastic group of women making a difference in Sacramento. Our contributions to the community build up the lives of many women and children.

Close-up of a group of middle-aged women wearing blue Soroptimist aprons, all smiling at the camera while some hold up comic-style signs that say "Supergirl", "Super" and "Boom".
  • SIMS is an organization of approximately 40 women serving the community.
  • We meet four times per month on Thursday mornings at 8 am. The first Thursday is an in-person business meeting and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Thursdays are virtual programs. 
  • We hold several fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds for our programs. 
  • We provide members with valuable programs three times a month.
  • Our annual dues are $150.