We are eternally grateful to our members and donors whose contributions allow us to fund services and fulfill dreams in Sacramento. Investing in and empowering women and girls makes us proud and excited for the lives, and generations, that we might positively affect.

Funding services for women and children

Many women and children oriented non-profit organizations in Sacramento have been able to provide services to those in need through our contributions, services that otherwise would not have been funded. We know of no other group that supports a local elementary school through a long list of enrichment programs. 

Fulfilling dreams for young girls and women

Annually, we contribute over $30,000 to help these organizations. Fulfilling dreams through individual scholarships and career development for at risk high school girls builds up our young women, one at a time.

Building strong young women

Another significant achievement is the Mural Education Project. We led a week-long event for at-risk girls from our Dream It Be It Program to learn the “art of being an artist” with renowned artist Shane Grammer. The end result was a stunning mural across from Obo restaurant in East Sacramento.

Enrichment of students

One of our most significant achievements is the enrichment of students at Ethel Phillips Elementary. Through our volunteerism and funding, students have increased their math, science, art, and reading competency. We have funded math and reading programs that the school could not otherwise support. 

Hands on activities

Our volunteers have provided after school art and science clubs. We have provided career speakers to inspire students to think about their future and what they can become.

Financial support for families

Through the difficult pandemic years, we supported families with financial aid to get them through the next day. We are so proud to have distributed over 1,000 books to the students and we believe they have read them all.

Lifelong Learning for our members

We have a lot of fun and we learn a lot! Our members enhance their roles as community leaders through weekly programs on important topics of the day.

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