Community Assistance Fund

SIMS makes Community Assistance Fund grants to organizations in the Sacramento community, especially those actively serving low income women and children in need. We also support groups working to preserve and enhance the environment through local projects.

Every year we donate thousands of dollars to non-profits that prepare women for jobs, support their education, or provide emergency shelter, job preparation, food, or emergency car repairs.

We fund direct services, not administrative costs. Most awards are $1,000 or less. Applicants must be tax exempt organizations, Section 501(c)(3), schools or government entities.

Collage of images, including a crafted tree with leaves decorated with words and art, a rack of women's clothing, and two women standing in front of a purple sign that says "My Sister's House" while each holding one side of a check.

Some examples of help we’ve provided.

Waking the Village
Interview clothes, shoes, textbooks

Women’s Empowerment
Emergency car repairs

30 ukuleles for in-school music classes

Wind Youth Services, Inc.
Women’s grooming supplies and undergarments

My Sister’s House
Kitchen and bath supplies for women escaping a domestic abuser and setting up their own apartments

PCP Sacramento
Holiday gala for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Opening Doors
Groceries for Afghan refugee families

Women’s Wisdom Art
Art supplies for women’s workshops

Stanford Sierra Youth and Families
A group outing

Sisters of Nia
Annual retreat for 7th & 8th grade girls

Close-up of three women standing facing the camera while all holding a clear sign that says, "The Creation District" and holding a check.
Close-up of young black women sitting at a table outdoors. The young woman in the foreground is wearing a black, gray, and white striped top with, has long braids and is smiling at the camera.

God’s Chosen Vessel Ministry would like to thank you for your generous grant in the amount of $1500. These funds will help us continue providing emergency financial assistance to women who find themselves in need of such. We are extremely grateful. Blessings to you all,

Patricia S Hatcher-Jones, CEO

Application Process

The application process is simple.

Complete a 1-page application and provide evidence of your non-profit status and a copy of a recent financial statement or a 1099.

If you need additional assistance please email