Mural Education Project

Soroptimist International of Metropolitan Sacramento’s Dream It, Be It Program, in partnership with Community Collaboration Charter High School, engaged 8 high school students in a mural painting project for those students who completed a 2-day Dream It, Be It workshop, a Soroptimist Career Development program.

The mural was created as part of Hope Through Art Foundation, founded by artist Shane Grammer. Students learned the business of being an artist (marketing, finances, painting) while creating a stunning 75-foot wide outdoor mural in Sacramento. Artist Shane Grammer shared his passion and knowledge that has brought him success as a visual artist.

This mural was funded by Soroptimist International of Metropolitan Sacramento members and the generous donations of our many community donors in Sacramento and Northern California. Thank you!

In collaboration with:

Hope Through Art Foundation
Community Collaborative Charter School

Made possible through the generosity and support of:
Members and Friends of Soroptimist International of Metropolitan Sacramento

First song by BUDI “Bummer”
Second song by Okklose “You are so beautiful tonight”

Colorful wall mural featuring a young black woman on the far left with her eyes closed, and a young woman of color on the far right end smiling, with the words "Dream It Be It" in between them.
Close up of a teenage girl wearing a protective mask for painting, while looking at the camera and holding a can of spray paint up to a brick wall.
A man and three young women of different races stand in front of a colorfully-painted mural featuring the image of a young black woman and the words, "Dream It".