Mayor Steinberg
SI Metro Sacramento was privileged to have Mayor Steinberg address the club and discuss issues of importance to the City of Sacramento. He was engaging, informative and entertained our numerous questions. We're fortunate to have SIMS club members with connections to our community leaders.
What a fun night! We had over 25 members, former members and prospective members in attendance. We even got a visit from our newest Soroptimister Ari and his mom, Abby! Thanks to all who attended and especially to the committee that put in all the work. A special thanks to Jeannie (and Soroptimister Dave) for hosting this lovely and tasty evening.   
Classes outdid themselves with the door art contest
SIMS members joined volunteers from across the Sacramento community for a celebration of reading on Read Across America Day, March 3, 2017. We all turned out at our favorite school, Ethel Phillips Elementary, to have fun with classes and celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.
The tour begins thanks to host Danny Scheible, the Tapigami master
Hot coffee and a feast of art awaited SIMS at our early morning visit to ArtStreet. This temporary, multidisciplinary art experience is located in the old warehouse district of Sacramento south of Broadway. For just one month, over 100 artists filled exhibit spaces with politics, beauty, participatory murals, music and sound, from floor to ceiling, inside and out. ArtStreet is a project of M5 Arts.
Two pickups and a hatchback--all full of poinsettias for the sale!
How many poinsettias does it take to send kids to camp? A lot! SIMS is helping Ethel Phillips students and parents raise money to make sure every sixth grade student has an opportunity to attend Sly Park Science Camp this year. The school is hosting the flower sale and also has cartons of chocolate bars to boot. Flowers are $10 and chocolate bars are $1. 
The SALAM Islamic Center was serene and welcoming
On November 17, 2016, SIMS members went to the SALAM Islamic Center to learn about the Muslim community in Sacramento.
SIMS and Ethel Phillips Elementary Team Up
On Saturday, October 15, 2016, SIMS and Ethel Phillips Elementary School once again teamed up to support literacy in Sacramento.
This "artist" made creativity look like a nap in the park
SIMS handled all the puppy art at this year's fundraiser for Canine Companions for Independence. The dogs were less excited about the painting than the people, and paint mixed liberally with grass and mud! But everyone had a great time and we raised money for one of our club's favorite grant recipients.
Dr. Capel and SIMS members
Save Ourselves Sacramento (SOS) received a grant from the SIMS Community Assistance Fund on October 13, 2016. Cass Brown Capel, SOS President and Program Director (third from left) celebrates with members of our club who know firsthand what it means survive and thrive after a cancer diagnosis.